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Carstensen, Yves

Carstensen, Yves

Position: Engineer



Helmholtzweg 4, Room K007, Telephone: +49 3641 / 948396 Lessingstraße 8, Room 120, Telephone: +49 3641 / 948251

Yves Carstensen was born in Flensburg in 1985. After finishing his training to a retailer, he started the professional high school for 9 months. In 2007 he started his basic military  service and worked at the German army for 6 years. After this he studied material technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena (EAH). He finished his Bachelor thesis on the sample preparation of lead free piezoceramics for the Electron Backscatter Diffraction under supervision of Prof. Steffen Teichert at the University of Applied Sciences. He is now working in the groups of Prof. Felix Schacher and Prof. Benjamin Dietzek.