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Dr. Tom, Jessica

Tom, Jessica

Position: Postdoctoral Researcher



Phone:  +49 3641 948287
Fax:      +49 3461 948252

Room 116, Lab 319, Lessingstraße 8


Jessica was born in Sydney Australia in 1987. After completing a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) in Chemistry and Physics at the University of Sydney in 2008, she went on to complete her Honours Degree under the supervision of Professor Sébastien Perrier at the Key Centre for Polymers and Colloids, for which she was awarded the CRC for Polymers Prize for her original work investigating copper(0)-mediated controlled/"living" radical polymerisation of styrene in a non-polar solvent. She then completed her Doctorate in Polymer and Materials Chemistry, graduating in 2015. Her Ph.D. project focussed on the modification of materials including cellulose and silica nanoparticles using controlled radical polymerisation techniques, namely SET-LRP and RAFT. Jessica then joined the research group of Juniorprofessor Annette Andrieu-Brunsen at Technische Universität Darmstadt in November 2015 to work on mesoporous organic‒inorganic hybrid materials with tuneable ionic permselectivity, before moving on to work in the group of Prof. Schacher in October 2017.