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Köhler, Moritz

Köhler, Moritz

Position: PhD Student



Phone: +49 3641 948261

Fax:    +49 3641 948252

Room 124, Lab 317, Lessingstraße 8


Moritz was born 1991 in Nordhausen. After school, he completed an apprenticeship in agriculture and spent a year working and traveling in Australia. He started studying Chemistry at the Friedrich Schiller University in 2012, and finished his bachelor with a thesis on the "preparation of redox active polymer dispersions". Afterwards, he entered the master program "Chemistry, Energy and Environment" at the Friedrich Schiller University. Currently, he is working on his master thesis which combines the preparation of UV-responsive polymers that should be combined with upconversion nanoparticles to form infrared light activatable hybrid systems. He spends his free time on making music in a band and doing sports.